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"Network Chiropractic gently releases the interference in the body/mind and
Dr. Barry's gentle touch guides the individual to inner healing"

Dr. Wayne Dyer, internationally renowned author and
speaker in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth

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Dr. Barry Weinberg

Welcome to A Place for Healing

At A Place for Healing, we emphasize that all health and healing comes from within the individual. Understanding that the human body is an intelligent, self-healing, living being, rather than treating the disease,
we serve the person on all levels, BODY, MIND and HOME through Highly Effective strategies such as Network Spinal, gentle Chiropractic, SD Life Mastery Coaching and Nikken Home Wellness Solutions
and Consulting. 




The key to a healthy body is a healthy spine and nervous system and the ability to effectively adapt to the stresses of life.

Network Chiropractic is a gentle, yet powerful approach to spinal health that supports you to have just that! 

Attention is EVERYTHING! Whatever you hold the focus of your attention on will be your experience. Self Discovery Life Mastery Coaching teaches you highly effective strategies to discipline the focus of your attention, master your mind and emotions and create your Ideal Life. 

Create a Wellness Home with nature-inspired technology and vital wellness products. Bringing elements of nature into your home, it becomes a thriving safe haven while offering a significant improvement to you and your family’s well being – Rest & Relaxation, Clean Air & Water, and quality Nutrition.

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